Day trip to Bangor

Fiddler's Dram were a British folk band of the late 1970s. They are mainly known for their hit single, "Day trip to Bangor" (1979), although the sound of this record was not representative of the acoustic songs and tunes they had been performing for several years at folk clubs and festivals.

The song itself displays what is, at first sight, a curious feature of folk songs: the presence of a heart-rending lyric together with a 'jolly' melody.

"Oh it makes me feel ill, when I think of the mill and the wheels goin' ‘round..."

This feature can also be seen in 'Blayden Races' which immortalises an eventful coach journey from Newcastle to the horse race on the other side of the River Tyne in 1862.

"...The bus wheel flew off there

The lasses lost their crinolenes And veils that hide their faces I got two black eyes and a broken nose In gannin to Blaydon Races..."

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